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Mulan IT Solutions GmbH is a leading provider of customized IT solutions for companies. We offer a wide range of services in the areas of Gaia-X, Data Spaces, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Industry 4.0. Our experienced team will help you achieve your digital transformation goals. Here are some of our main services at a glance.

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Overview of our services


Gaia-X and Data Spaces

As experts in Gaia-X and Data Spaces, we are here to support you with our extensive knowledge and experience. We provide coaching and support in the design of your Gaia-X/Data Space solutions, including architecture, Trust Framework, GXFS Toolbox, EDC, specifications and pilot projects. In addition, we clarify the membership process for Gaia-X, Manufacturing-X, Catena-X/Confinity-X, and IDSA and assist you with certification and compliance. We also promote collaboration with other companies and institutes to create synergies and innovative solutions.


Solution architecture design and full-stack software development

Our experts support you in designing efficient solution architectures, whether for existing systems or for innovative Gaia-X/Data Space solutions. We also offer the development and integration of Data Space Connectors to enable seamless data communication and integration. In addition, we specialize in full-stack web portal development to provide you with a user-friendly and powerful platform for your digital applications.


Industry 4.0 and AI/cloud-related technologies

Our team of experts analyzes your requirements and challenges related to Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud technologies. We research and collect relevant resources such as patents, technical articles, standards, key technologies from start-ups, competitive intelligence, customer requirements, supplier technologies, industry associations and open source communities. Based on these insights, we create comprehensive technology insight reports and provide technical advice to best align your IT strategy.


IT Project Management and Agile Development with Scrum Master Coaching

Our experienced project managers support you in the successful implementation of your IT projects. We offer comprehensive IT project management and coaching for the application of agile development methods such as Scrum. Our team can help you implement the Scrum framework and foster more effective collaboration and communication within your teams. We use tools such as JIRA and Confluence to optimize the development process and increase efficiency.

At Mulan IT Solutions GmbH, we place great value on customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your digital transformation.

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